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How To Make Creamy Curd At Home in Earthen Pot (घर पर गाढ़ा और क्रीमी दही बनाने की विधि)

Curd (Curd) is a very important ingredient used in food, which is considered to be very beneficial in health as well as in terms of enhancing the taste of food, because yogurt has high nutritional value such as protein, calcium, vitamins. , Minerals etc. are found. By the way, we all use yogurt with our food and different brands of yogurt are easily found in the market, but the taste and purity of homemade yogurt is something else, some people make yogurt at home. They also try for TRAI, but they have the same complaint that they are not able to make thick and creamy curd like market at home. You will share a very easy method of making yogurt at home with you, so that you can easily prepare thick, creamy and delicious yogurt like home at home, so today we will You will prepare thick and creamy curd in an earthen pot at home.

Ingredients for Making Creamy Curd at Home in Earthen Pot -

Full Cream Milk - 500 ml

Curd - 1 teaspoon (for sourdough)

How to Make Creamy Curd at Home in Earthen Pot -

To make curd at home, first of all we have to take special care that always use full cream milk to make thick and creamy curd. Now to make curd, firstly put the full cream milk in a pan and keep it on the gas for heating, when the milk comes to a boil then turn off the gas. Now let the milk cool down so much that when you put the finger in the milk, it is worth tolerating the temperature. When the milk gets so cold, then we flip this milk in the earthen pot (Kullaad) and add 1 teaspoon (sourdough) to it and mix it well and cover this clay pot and keep it for about 5-6 hours. , When you open the lid after 6 hours and check it, then very creamy and thick curd will be frozen.

Note: (How To Make Creamy Curd At Home In Earthen Pot)

1. Use full cream milk to make curd.

2. Curd season is considered a bit difficult during winter, then you can use casserole to set the curd. This will make the curd get ready quickly because the casserole keeps the temperature maintained.

3. Milk is neither too cold nor too hot for thick curd, that is why make curd with lukewarm milk.

4. When the curd freezes, keep it in the fridge and take it out before eating so that the taste of curd will not sour and will remain fresh.

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