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Successful cultivation of pearls by this farmer of Valsad, earning Rs 1 lakh a month for an investment of 20 thousand

Successful cultivation of pearls by this farmer of Valsad, earning Rs 1 lakh a month for an investment of 20 thousand

farming print for the farmers is waiting for you.  In addition to cultivating your routine in agriculture, you can experiment with an innovative farm.  You can cultivate crores by investing a budget of just less than Rs 20,000.  The government also provides assistance for pearl farming.  Two Valsad farmers have also cultivated successful pearls for the last 3 years

Millions can be earned by cultivating pearls

Cultivation can also be done in a pond of 10 by 10

Gujarat's pearls go abroad

The government also provides loans for pearl farming, while some government institutions provide training on this, pearl farming can also be started on a small scale.  Such cultivation also occurs in Navsari's Valsad.  Anil Patel and Hiren Patel and Anil Patel, farmers of Valsad, have been cultivating pearls along with the fishery industry and other farm products.

To cultivate pearls, a pond is to be built in 500 square feet.  You can start pearl production by raising 100 oysters in the lake.  Each oyster has a market price of Rs 15 to Rs 25.  Structure set-up costs 10 to 12 thousand rupees for oyster cultivation.  Water costs 1000 rupees a 1000 rupees after purchasing other equipment.

What is Farmer Anil Patel and Hiren Patel?

We have been pearl farming for the last 3 years.  This time I planted 7000 oysters.  Pearls can usually be cultivated from a lake of 10 by 10.  But this time we have cultivated it in 5 acres.  This is why we have special training at the Institute at Nagpur in Maharashtra. We do the fishing business.  We also cultivate pearls and now we also cultivate pearls in salt water.  Training is also provided at the Chhipa Institute at Odisha Bhubaneswar.  There is also government support and subsidy on this, although we have not taken advantage of it yet.  But we are getting good returns in pearl farming. We want to expand this farming.  This requires special training.

Revenues starting from millions will reach billions

Twenty months after the start of the cultivation, a pearl is prepared from an oyster whose market price is available from Rs 300 to Rs 1500, while good quality and design pearls up to Rs 10,000 are obtained from the international market.  If you value a pearl in this way at around Rs 800, you can earn up to Rs 80,000 in that period.  You can also earn more by increasing the number and resources of the oyster.

Every month Rs.  Earnings up to 1 Lakh

If you are producing 2000 oysters that cost around Rs 2 lakh or so, you can earn up to Rs 1 lakh per month for 15-20 months of production.  All you have to do is take care that the pearls are of good quality.

Where to get seeds?

To cultivate pearls you first need to get training from a good scientist, which is done by the Government of India.

Oyster purchase

After training, you have to buy the oyster from government institutions or fishermen.  The mussels are left in open water for two days, thereby loosening their upper arm and muscles.

Ointment surgery

The hives cannot be kept out of the water for longer.  After the muscles are loosened, the oyster is surgically perforated 2 to 3mm on the surface and a small amount of sand is poured into it.  When the sand particles blow the oyster, the oyster begins to release its contents into the sand particles.

Collection of oysters

To keep the oyster in a nylon bag.  The pond is left in the pond with bamboo or PVC pipes.  After 15 to 20 months the pearl in the oyster is ready.  You can take off the pearl by breaking its shield.

Who gives training

Government Offers Training Under the Indian Council of Agricultural Research, a new wing, the Central Institute of Freshwater Aquaculture, offers free training.  It is headquartered in Bhubaneswar and offers 15 days of training, which covers everything including surgery.  Earlier pearls were cultivated in the coastal areas of the sea, now after research on the lizards, it has begun to cultivate in other states as well.

Where to get a Government Loan

NABARD and other commercial banks offer you a loan at a low interest rate for 15 years.  Subsidy schemes from the central government are also launched from time to time, if you succeed in that you can grow your business and make a company and earn millions.


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